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Next-generation hardware must keep pace with today's needs. Identifying and responding to them is the first step to start with.

3D Apps

The ability to utilize all the 3D applications you could possibly need to be fully functional.

Mobile Integrations

Numerous mobile integrations enhance the user experience across all devices.

Tested by Users

No surprises and no checks. All features are tested and ready to serve you.

See how it works

You don't have to fantasize, although imagination is what you need to transport yourself there. Try it and see for yourself!

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Technical Details


Enjoy advanced all-in-one VR.

Just a headset and controllers designed for your convenience.


Thanks to 6DOF, the headset tracks

head and body movements.


VR is designed to provide effortless comfort

for any player.


Quick switchable LCD display with

1832 x 1920 resolution for each eye.


3D positional audio is built directly into

the headset, allowing you to hear all around you.


128GB | 256GB

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Any Questions?

What is the main benefit of virtual reality goggles?

These glasses allow the wearer to see three-dimensional images that create the illusion of depth perception.

What is the price range of virtual reality goggles?

The range varies depending on features and equipment. It usually starts at $200 and goes up to $1,000.

Is VR harmful to the eyes?

VR does not cause eye problems and diseases if not used for a long time.

Do you need a computer for VR?

You can use the standalone VR headset without a computer or smartphone. Put the wireless headset on your head and start a VR game.

Can I get a trial version before I pay?

Yes, you can; as long as the item is not broken or damaged, you can return it within one month of purchase.

What equipment is needed for VR?

All you'll need is a device equipped with a gyroscope for 360-degree interaction and a VR headset to transform your phone's display.

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